Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to implement this curriculum?

The training and access to the curriculum are free. The only costs that may incur is finding a copy of the storybooks that go with the lessons. Although, most of the books can usually be found at a school library.

All of my students could benefit from these lessons. Can I teach SELF to my whole class?

The small-group lessons are designed to provide multiple opportunities for social-emotional language interactions and development for children at-risk for emotional and behavioral difficulties. Teaching these lessons whole-group minimizes the opportunities for these children to interact with the teacher and each other.

Can I select the lessons according to the topics I feel my students need most urgently rather than follow the suggested scope and sequence?

The SELF lessons are designed so that key concepts are presented repeatedly throughout the curriculum, but with deepening layers of complexity, or in different application activities.  Teaching lessons out of sequence might result in presenting concepts and vocabulary for which the children have not been provided sufficient background knowledge.

Do I really need to include Batty in the lessons? I don’t feel comfortable with puppets or making up voices.

Batty is an integral and important part of many SELF lessons, since he often expresses thoughts and feelings that some children might initially be uncomfortable sharing. You do not need to be a ventriloquist, children will be drawn to Batty and will be more engaged in the SELF lessons.

Some of my students are active, and I have others who seem withdrawn or shy. How should I group them for the SELF small-group lessons?

SELF was designed for children who exhibit internalizing (i.e., shy, withdrawn ) and/or externalizing (i.e., assertive, aggressive) behavior, and our research findings have indicated that the curriculum was equally effective for both types of issues.  We suggest including a mixture of students in the small group.

I like how many of the application lessons support listening comprehension and writing skills. Since I engage the whole class in the first lesson, couldn’t I add these application activities to my literacy and writing centers for the students to complete?

Yes! The application activities were designed to promote independent practice and should be appropriate for all children who participated in whole and/or small-group lessons.

Should I add the SELF Picture Vocabulary Cards to my classroom Word Wall?

YES, absolutely. Keep in mind that you will be using the same Picture Vocabulary Cards in multiple lessos, so you may want to have a separate set for instruction.

I like the idea of teaching the SELF lessons, and my students really need this support. How do you suggest I incorporate SELF into my already busy day?

It is recommended to organize the vocabulary cards alphabetically so that they are easier to find, especially since there is some vocabulary that is used in multiple lessons.

I like the lessons and resources, but how do I get started?
  1. Select 3-5 students for targeted small group instruction.
  2. Read all the lessons in Topic 1.
  3. Gather and prepare the necessary materials.
  4. Read the storybook and tab the pages where you’re going to prompt the students with the questions included in the lessons.
I don’t have all of the storybooks needed to teach the SELF lessons. Should I only teach the lessons that go with the books I have in my classroom library?

The books used in the SELF curriculum popular children’s books that are probably in your school or local library. They are available also available for purchase online. In addition, many are available on YouTube as a read-aloud that you can show to children.