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What is Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is an education practice that integrates  social and emotional skills into school curricula to help students grow in self-regulation and self-management, and to support learning objectives.

Social-Emotional Learning Foundations (SELF) was developed through years of research to promote social-emotional development for kindergarten and first-grade children at early risk for emotional and/or behavioral challenges. This social-emotional learning curriculum differs from other targeted interventions by
(a) including a universal component and
(b) integrating social-emotional learning with literacy instruction to strengthen language important to the development of social-emotional competence and self-regulation.

About SELF

Getting Started with SELF

The SELF curriculum uses children’s books to foster positive social-emotional development and literacy in grades K and 1. The video resources and downloads on this page will help to guide you as you implement SELF in your classroom.

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Video Resources

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Scope and Sequence

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